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At DPIS Benefits maintaining a competitive edge is our priority.  Running a leaner organization without sacrificing productivity is an imperative. Offering the highest level of personalized service is our objective.  


Outsourcing services presents value and expertise from partners that we trust – Why?  Because DPIS continually searches the market for the best affiliates who can create operational synergy, efficiency and excellence.  DPIS delivers this outstanding capability via the following outsourcing service suites:

Health Dimensions

Health Dimensions is the premier coordinator of Health & Lifestyle Expos and Corporate Wellness Programs for working individuals. After 16 years and over 2,600 hundred events, Health Dimensions has created exciting, educational and interactive Health Fairs and Wellness Programs for some of the most renowned corporations, school districts, government agencies, and hotels in the country.

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Voya Financial

Voya Financial provides supplemental benefits products to help people protect their finances and save for medical expenses and retirement.


Voya Financial continues to strive to provide a different option to our customers. To us, that means constantly looking for ways to make things easier for the people we serve.

PayPro Administrators

PayPro offers a full-service solution that relieves you of the burden of compliance and administration. Don’t put yourself at risk!


To keep your COBRA Costs and Claims to a minimum, PayPro adjudicates eligibility timely and accurately. Every employee's information is stored in their system and they assume full liability for their work.

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