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Synergy Enrollment & Benefits

By partnering with Synergy, clients gain access to a suite of technology platforms. They are not married to any particular software, enabling them to choose the right solutions for their clients based on their needs. Their in-house tech team takes care of the implementation and offers year-round support.


Their goal is to create a truly automated system that enables HR teams to manage benefits seamlessly in one location from when an employee is hired, through open enrollments, qualifying life events, and terminations.

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Voya Financial

Voya Financial provides supplemental benefits products to help people protect their finances and save for medical expenses and retirement.


Voya Financial continues to strive to provide a different option to our customers. To us, that means constantly looking for ways to make things easier for the people we serve.

PayPro Administrators

PayPro offers a full-service solution that relieves you of the burden of compliance and administration. Don’t put yourself at risk!


To keep your COBRA Costs and Claims to a minimum, PayPro adjudicates eligibility timely and accurately. Every employee's information is stored in their system and they assume full liability for their work.

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