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Designed Protection

Designed Protection Insurance Services, Inc is an independent employee benefits consulting firm located in San Dimas, California.  Daniel W. Pugliese founded the company in 1985.  The agency’s primary focus is marketing and servicing employer groups with over 50 employees who are located in Southern California.  The three principals of Designed Protection Insurance Services are Daniel W. Pugliese, Paul K. Strain, and Margie A. Horton, RHU.



Strong carrier relationships are crucial to the success of every Consultant.  It is the job of every insurance company’s Underwriter to retain as much premium possible for the company, while remaining competitive.  Likewise, it is the task of every Broker/Consultant to negotiate the lowest possible premium, for the benefits and population being insured, without slanting the risk or underrating the benefit plan.  To do this successfully, a Consultant must be knowledgeable in underwriting practices and procedures.   The principals at DPIS not only understand the rating process; but they have the experience and knowledge needed to handle this task effectively.  They are respected by the carriers with whom they do business, and enjoy good working relationships which allow for open and honest dialogue.  



Currently Designed Protection offers consulting services to 50+ group clients, cross-serving more 20,000 members and generating gross annual revenue of more than $750,000 through multiple lines of coverage.



Lines of coverage transacted by

Designed Protection Insurance Service are:


  • Group Medical Plans including; HMO, POS, PPO, Indemnity/Fee-for- Service, Health Reimbursement Account (HRA’s),
    Health Spending Accounts (HSA’s),
    and alternate funding (self-insured) type plans.

  • Group Term Life and AD&D, including;
    Supplemental and Dependent Life

  • Ancillary benefit plans including; group Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, Mental Health and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

  • Employee Wellness programs

  • Long and Short Term Disability plans

  • Long Term Care products

  • Group Legal Service plans

  • Student Accident and Health Insurance plans

  • Athletics programs

  • Cafeteria and 125 plans

  • Retirement and 401K plans

  • Individual medical, life, and Long Term
    Disability plans

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